martes, 12 de octubre de 2010


We are a group of rural and near the big city Primary Schools from different countries: Spain, Poland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey. Primary and Secondary from Romania, where there are students from different cultures and nationalities.

In our project we intend to improve the standard skill of reading of our students, through knowledge and reading different stories, tales and legends from different continents. Reading stories of the world will enrich us with new sensations and experiences. At the same time it will contribute to learn to respect other cultures and promote a democratic and multicultural society.

For this purpose some activities related to storytelling will be carried out. They will be involved in all curriculum areas and new technologies. Each school will design a section on the website of the centre, indicating the work done.
The coordinating centre will design a website with educational interactive activities offered by the different partner countries.

At the end of each year, all countries will organize exhibitions where both original works and photographs of children's work will be shown. These photographs and works will be also shared through the Internet (e.Twinning) on a general Comenius web site designed by the coordinating centre. ICT will be used extensively throughout the project to inform, prepare and disseminate the exhibitions and the final product.

Some mobilities will be carried out by the teachers from the participating schools. Each institution requests different number of mobilities according to the number of the teachers implied in the project in each school.

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