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Murcia is a Spanish city, capital of the municipality and the province of the same name and the autonomous community of Murcia. It is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula on the River Segura. With 436,870 inhabitants (INE 2009) Murcia is the 7 th position in the list of municipalities in Spain by population. It is also capital of the natural region of the Huerta de Murcia and its metropolitan area.This is an important city services in the tertiary sector that has happened to her former condition of agricultural export par excellence, with its famous and fertile lands, by which was and still is known by the nickname of the Garden of Europe . Among its most important industries are food processing, textiles, chemicals, distilling, construction and manufacture of furniture and building materials. Murcia is also an important university center with a long tradition since it was founded the first university in 1272.Stand on its artistic heritage cathedral with its Baroque facade and interior mainly Gothic famed Casino, sumptuous interiors, the dense sculptural heritage Salzillo Francisco, and a great set of baroque buildings. Is culturally known for its folklore, particularly attractive during the Spring Festival and Easter processions





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