martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

ITALY: XIV Circolo Didattico "RE DAVID"




Early Childhood Education and Primary School: XIV Circolo Didattico "RE DAVID", located in Bari, in the Apulian (Puglia) Region.

The school has a staff of 70 teachers (about 20 of them involved in the Project) and serves children from 3 to 11 years old (1038 pupils, about 300 of them involved in the Project).

We have some kids with special needs (about 15%) and immigrants (about 10%) from other Countries (Bosnia, Russia, Mauritius, Ucraina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Etiopia, Albania, India, Libia).

This is a public school, supported by public founds.

The socioeconomic and cultural level of families of our school is middle and motivation towards education and cultural issues is generally good. Both parents have a job. Nearby there is a technical University specializing in engineering and architecture. The School cooperate with families and local government agencies.
We promote a well-being (phisical and emotive) atmosphere, to encourage a progressive and complete growing of our kids.

The school is respectful of all creeds and ideologies.

Our main principles are:

-Liberty and equality
-Children rights
-Welcome and integration
-Participation and responsibility
-Competence and transparency
-A school keen interested in territory
-Freedom of teaching.

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  1. from italy:io sono uno studente di comenius mi chiamo luca e la mia classe e la 3°d.